Sunday, April 19

Sorry kitty

That situation keeps playing in my mind,
You're waving your tiny hands searching for help,
My heart just sank to the floor at that moment,
Wondering what happened to you now.

I'm sorry.

Monday, May 19

2014 and Me

It's almost mid-2014.
And I have been lazing around for almost half a year.
Yep, I have a long to-do list.
Which is just 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'.
No suitable equipment/materials/items.
No mood.
No motivation.
Plenty of time.
But yep, no motivation.

What's with me this year?
I feel bad when everyone I know is being busy with what they want to do.
And what I'm doing?

Yep, I tell myself, hey, go do some exercise.
At least grow some muscles and leave that skinny image of you behind.
Yep, I did.
One hour a day, or maybe less than that, every day.
Then it lessen out to maybe every two days?
Then weeks?
Where did my motivation go?
No time? Don't kid yourself man. You have plenty of time.

Learn new languages.
Improve your known languages.
Yep, I did.
For few weeks?
Then you quit?
Or your so called 'rest for a period'.

Finish up my story books?
Yeah, don't make me laugh.

You know it's the right thing to do when you have such a long break.
Yet you didn't make any effort.

Yeah, you tell yourself that everytime you saw awesome travel pics of your friends.
But you're so lazy you do not feel like getting off your couch at home.
You don't even know how to swim.
Talking bout swimming, I thought you want to learn how to swim?
No suitable place? Yep, that might be a problem.
But when there's a will there's a way.
You're just lazy!
But I'm not the hyper adventurous kind of person anyway.

So basically what you did for this 5 months?
Absolutely nothing.

I absolutely hate it when people ask me what have I done during my holidays.
Coz I absolutely did NOTHING.
At least, nothing interesting enough to tell.

I dunno.
I just feel quite down now.
Feeling depressed.
Not the extreme type.
But I just want to rant here.
Can't I do at least this?

That's it.
Tomorrow is a better day, zm.
You just gotta push yourself man.
Ain't nobody gotta help you if you're like this.
You won't even survive your uni if you're acting like this right now.

That's it.
It's very late now.
I sleep late and wake up late every day now.
I tell myself to wake up early to be productive.
But heck, you hate to be on bed at night, and you hate to leave the bed in the morning now.
What's gotten into you man?

I don't care.
I'm not going to let myself be like this anymore.
At least that's what I'm thinking right now.
I feel motivated right now.
Let's hope it stays up long, at least until end of this month.
You have to do it man.
You can do it man.

And piggy, you're currently stressing out on your Maths now, as you're going to take the exam in.. err... about 12 hours no 11 hours later. I'm sorry for not being much of a help, or even worse, stressing you more, but I do hope you did your best! Not to give you more stress, it's what I can do now, giving you my support.

It's been a long time since I blogged.
Of coz, like I said, you have nothing interesting enough to blog.
I missed this feeling, and I sure hope I do it more often.
Hopefully it's something better then.


Friday, January 31

Happy Chinese New Year! It's Horse Year 2014!

Happy horse year everyone!
Hope everyone ma-dou-gong-seng!
But don't act like the sound horse made kay.

Gonna start my journey back to hometown in about 6 more hours..
Though I'm not the one driving.
Thanks so much dear daddy and sis.
Hope we have a safe and cheerful journey!




Saturday, January 11

Stuck In My Brain And Can't Let It Go

These few days I find myself singing this song in my mind wherever I am, even on my bed when I'm trying to sleep.

It just got stuck and no matter what I did, the lyrics came back.

Let It Go by Idina Menzel, from the soundtrack in Frozen by Disney.
I love the ending part where she builds the castle and let her hair go.
I haven't watch this movie yet, but because of this song, I'm eager to watch it.
I even saw a lot of good comments bout this movie. :)

It's a beautiful song, or at least I do think so.
I first heard the alternate version by Demi Lovato.
Her's kinda more to the pop version.
Both are nice, Idina's one suits the Disney movie style, so much of energy, and Demi's one, well, suits the mainstream pop music style with emotions.

I felt a lil bit bored after so many times listening and singing to this song.
But the song just keep repeating itself in my brain lol.
Lucky it didn't happen in my exam yesterday though. Haha.
Oh talking bout the exam, I did so badly I'm starting to regret I didn't concentrate much on my studies in my holidays.
But seriously, great song, absolutely love it.
And like the song said, I'm trying to LET IT GO, let it go away from my mind!
Maybe I need to find another awesome song to kick it away?
Ah no, then I'll be stuck with that and the cycle goes round and round.
Can't focus on studying, though this is not the cause lol.
Maybe if I force myself to study it will wear off?
Anyway, first post of the year, few more weeks before CNY and here I am, taking my final exams in A Level.
Wish all of you who're taking the exams good luck and gambateh!
Don't procrastinate like me!
Let it go!


Tuesday, December 31

A Journey Throughout 2013

This is something different from the past years' year-end post.
Not going to talk through month by month.
As I don't really have any interesting thing happened on me at least once a month.
Ah my life's getting even dull. :'(
Shouldn't have started this post with such a sad note lol.
Okay, so this is a recap of what happened to me in 2013, sad or happy, funny or nonsense, they're another chapter of my life. :)


I'm not much of an athlete guy. In fact I don't even like football, is it weird for a guy to dislike football? I mean, I'm not hating it, just, not that enthusiastic and hype about it like others. Hmm.

On the other hand, I prefer badminton. Though nowadays I rarely did touch the racket.

Table tennis, or also called as ping-pong. After 2 months in NS and about a year in A-Level program,
starting to like it.

Tennis? Didn't even try that sport before, but I would choose to watch tennis match than football match any time. Lol.

Baseball? I wanted to try it so badly, and this year I manage to try a lil bit how it feels like to hold a bat and hit the upcoming ball.

Seems like these three sports are almost alike. Using racquets/bats to hit balls. Sounds wrong.

Bowling. Ah another sport that I like. This year got to play more but still sucks lol.


Thanks a lot to my college mates for giving me an unforgettable surprise.

Wong Kok 1 Utama birthday promotion
 It comes with a big, BIG jar of milk tea with a tiny teddy bear.
Where's the teddy? Ask her.

Jacqueline with the huge jar!

Auggie birthday girl too. She kidnapped took stole brought the poor bear back home. :)
Hope he's in a good condition. ;)

In the end, we didn't even manage to finish up half of it lol.
Then we went to watch The Conjuring. Haha. Second best horror movie of the year for me.

Thanks so much for the card you guys made for me. I love it so much!

And *cough* thanks for the edited photos too, I think. They made me laugh so bad haha.

credits: Chiao Yan fb
credits: Chiao Yan fb

And with family! Wee~

My 19th burfday cakes! Doughnuts!
Kim Gary burfday promotion!
They even helped us take a pic! :)


Yep, we started it this year. Once in a while though. Sunday morning. At Bukit Jalil park.

My mum loves the senamrobik there too, and once, this leads to the next event.


I had a huge hole in the pocket of my pants. I jumped. My old phone fell down. Crack.

R.I.P HTC Sensation

Thus, the birth of a new phone.

Welcome to the family, S4.
Oh I love this phone so much. Thanks daddy!


Won two tickets. Thanks MTV Asia!
At Sunway Lagoon. 08/09/2013.

Jian Sheng and me!


forget who this is, Far East Movement I guess lol

Robin Thicke!
 Before that we even got to meet and greet him!

credits to MTV Asia
Not much of a fan of his though but he sang marvelously in live omg. *thumbs up*
The noisiest part is when EXO came out. They were all screaming non-stop for 30 minutes in high-pitch voice. *ear bled* *faints*

Enjoy Far East Movement performance the most!

Halfway it rains. We bought umbrella for no reason as we can't use it as it will block the others' view lol. Furthermore, MTV gave us free raincoat. ||OTL
Stood for about 6-7 hours.
Wonderful night.


Yep, my first time to Sunway Lagoon.
With coursemate.
I was terrified at the new ride, Vuvuzela, but really, it's fun haha.


In June. Semester break.
Went Penang with course mates.
Many thanks to Jacqueline and her family for providing us place to stay, bring us to tourist spots, and treat us meals. Arigatou!

Asam laksa here's the best!

photo credits: Chiao Yan


Went with old classmates. Sook Yii, Kim Chuan and Jian Sheng.
Few days after I came back from Penang wahaha.
Didn't take any picture with the gang as the boys are camera shy haha.
The only pic I take for the only girl, Sook Yii, failed as I didn't realise I was covering the lens with my hand lol! Hey, it's under the hot sun I can't see the screen clearly lol! It was during kayak activity. :)

I didn't know how to swim! But I manage to snorkel hmph. With life vest, everybody can float kay haha.

Oh but I did ask Sook Yii to take a pic of me parasailing with Jian Sheng.

Parasailing... I didn't wear my specs so not that terrifying haha


Done kayaking

Pulau Payar, on the way to snorkel

Pulau Payar, after snorkel, started to rain

Pulau Payar, the place we went to snorkel

sook yii's drawing of me :P, the beach behind our resort
But now that I think of it, it's quite dangerous, the parasailing activity... lol, thank God we're all safe and sound. :)


Went with family. August. To Melbourne and Sydney.

I made this choco myself. :P

We rode the Puffing Billy. Sitting like bosses. :P

We sat in the helicopter around 12 Apostles. 
We went in the EDGE at Eureka Sydeck 88. Floor is made of glass lol.

Captain Cook Cruises. Windy!

What chu looking at huh. Never see a koala before? 
What chu staring at huh? Never seen a wallaby before huh?


Went with family too. 20/12 - 27/12
Seoul, Nami Island and Jeju Island.

I grabbed snow.. hee.. ;)

Jeju Island

Climbing the mount, Seongsan Ilchulbong.

Dae Jang Geum...

What chu looking at? Ain't never see a cute lil black pig before?

Ice sculpture, into a cup - BEFORE


Yee hah... ke-de-kut-ke-de-kut... 3D Trick Art Gallery

AWESOME VIEW from our room at ski resort... 8D

Skiing.. 8D

Finally it snows... :')

Hmm.. lined up for the Minion toys at McD. At midnight. With family haha.
YOLO! (My first time saying this lol)

Missing the first 3 minions. T.T


It started at the midnight of 31/08/2013. Independence day.
Thanks for everything you did for me.
You give me an interesting chapter in my life.
I've never met anyone like you before, I said this a million times before.
We're going to different ways next year and I wish you all the best and hope you truly found the one.
BFF! :)

Thanks. :)


Hey, after typing all these, I don't feel the same about my 2013 anymore. It's not that bored, at least, it isn't for me. Haha.

Went to a lot of new places.
Still keeping in touch with some old friends.
Bonding with new friends.
Not that pessimistic as the me last year, 2012.
Though I barely accomplished any of the previous resolutions I made for the new year. Haha.

I said I wanted to sharpen my language skills, well, I barely did anything to my language skills, but I'm currently learning a new language haha. French. Je suis Zhen Meng. Hah! Too basic? Still French :P

Music skills? Didn't even touch my guitar lol. Failed. I did frequently play piano (if you consider less than an hour a week is frequent haha) but I don't think I improve anything lol.

But I did touch snow! I didn't make snow angels or snowman, but I did touch snow! I even experienced snowing!!! Wee... Snowball fight for like 1 minute... not enough.. I want more.. :')

Less procrastinating? Ahaha, this is the funniest part. I didn't improve anything I mentioned above, but I improve on this! I'm already a master in this. Damn it. Just like what I'm doing now. Instead of studying for the final exams starting next Friday, I'm blogging?! Well, it's the end of the year mah. Who cares? Yay!

Thanks 2013.

Let's make 2014 a better year! Woosh!

Chapter 19, the end.


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